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Lead. Connect. Grow. Serve

For the over 1300 adult Leadership Toledo graduates, these powerful words best define the experiences shared throughout our 35 year history of inspiring community volunteerism and efforts to expand awareness of community issues.

Leadership Toledo offers adults a nine-month experience that brings various issues faced today by our community to the attention of its participants. Class members from diverse backgrounds come together for intensive sessions that focus attention on the needs of our community and the roles they can play in addressing those needs.

Each monthly session provides for educational and participatory experiences, including dialog and development of professional relationships among class members. In addition to the regular sessions, participants work in teams performing community volunteer projects to be completed by the end of the program year.

40 class members will be selected each year. Tuition is $2500, which includes all materials, a light breakfast, and lunch at most sessions.

Leadership Toledo seeks candidates who have already exhibited leadership in their respective spheres of influence and a desire to grow as leaders and members of the community. Participation is open to everyone. Participants represent various professions and industries so as to provide a wide variety of knowledge.

2017-2018 Session Calendar

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Foundations of a Servant leader

“Through Servant Leadership I have a solid foundation of knowledge, courage and compassion…” - Bob Ohms, firefighter

Our Foundations Program offers an opportunity for individuals to come to know themselves more deeply in hopes of serving others wholeheartedly.   Participants will gather into groups of eight to twelve and remain in this group for the duration of the program. Each group will meet twice a month for the extent of twenty meetings.

Through building trust and intimacy each group begins to grow into a small community.  This community is intended to grow in vulnerability, intimacy, trust, and discovery.  This growth is necessary for each participant to delve deeply into their own heart; it is also the necessary posture to motivate authenticity, creativity, and courage.

The twenty sessions are designed to break open the heart of a servant leader.  By breaking it open we are able to look closely at each portion and come to learn and discover more about what it means to have a servant heart. 

The Servant Leadership course was an incredibly powerful experience.  The books we read challenged and inspired me and the classes were thought provoking and fun.  The people that I took the course with were strangers to me at the beginning but are now my good friends.  I strongly recommend the course for anyone who is seeking to serve others or anyone who is thinking about service to others. - David Coyle

Schedule & availability for next session coming soon! 

Authentic Leader workshop

Registration is now open for the next Authentic Leader Workshop

When: September 26, 27, & 28 - 8:30am to 3:00pm

Cost: $2,500

Includes: The Authentic Leader Workshop, Leadership Circle 360 profile, individual debrief of the assessment, and light breakfast & lunch

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The Authentic Leader Workshop is an opportunity to measure and enhance your leadership effectiveness, grow in stronger self-awareness and understanding of your internal operating system, and gain clarity on your personal purpose and how that is impacting your current life. 



The Leadership Circle ProfileTM (LCP) is a true breakthrough among 360 degree profiles. It is the first to
connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal
assumptions that drive behavior. Ultimately, LCP goes to the source of behavior to get greater leverage on change. Furthermore, unlike most profiles that take hours to interpret, LCP integrates all this information in a way that brings the key issues to the surface instantly.

The data in LCP reveals itself in seconds. At a glance, the whole gestalt is accessible - putting leaders in touch with what is working, what is not, and why! In most organizations, this treasure trove of information remains buried. LCP makes it easily accessible while it creates a foundation on which ground breaking change can occur at a higher level and sustainable pace. 

Authentic Leader is a three day, highly interactive foundational workshop designed for leaders who are seeking to deepen their leadership mastery.

The workshop is intended to be taken after a leader completes the Leadership Circle Profile. The workshop deepens the experience of The Leadership Circle ProfileTM, further mining the 360 data to uncover patterns that are limiting business results and blocking a fuller expression of the Creative Leadership Competencies. It is designed to help leaders learn how to lead more authentically from a place of deeper competence, transparency, and trust. In doing so, it necessitates that leaders identify and acknowledge how their current “operating system” is specifically limiting their effectiveness. Leaders will learn that a change in their actions, behaviors, and beliefs in one or two key areas can bring about fundamental shifts in their overall leadership effectiveness.

The Authentic Leader workshop is designed to help leaders accurately understand their current state of leadership and chart their own unique developmental journey. Authenticity is highly correlated with leadership effectiveness and given that effective leaders always outperform ineffective leaders, helping leaders improve their capacity to lead authentically has a big organizational payoff. This workshop can be leveraged for individual leaders, intact teams, or mixed cohorts and often serves as a foundational cornerstone in an organization’s leadership system. 

20 Under 40

Leadership Toledo is proud to be the Community Partner of 20 Under 40. Since 1996, 20 Under 40 has recognized Toledo area leaders under the age of 40 who have been influential in our region